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Darwin’s Darkest Hour

Darwin’s Darkest Hour Darwin’s Darkest Hour

“Darwin’s Darkest Hour” tells the remarkable story behind the most influential scientific theory of all time. Darwin’s Darkest Hour shows the professional and personal trauma that Charles Darwin, portrayed by Henry Ian Cusick (Lost), endured before the publication of his book called “On the Origin of Species”.

Darwin struggled with honor and ambition when a rival scientist, Alfred Wallace, sent a manuscript exploring similar theories of how species are created. Darwin had spent years refining his ideas, and his colleague puts his life work in danger. Darwin had been holding back the publishing of his book until he was sure that he had the evidence to prove his ideas about evolution and natural selection.

He was also concerned about the religious controversy that might erupt because of his ideas. Coming forward with his theory might have had an impact on his marriage as well because his devoted wife, Emma, portrayed by Frances O’Connor (Mansfield Park, The Importance of Being Earnest) was a devoted Christian. Despite her believes, Emma was the one to push Darwin to secure the proof that his writings predated his rival’s.

Darwin’s Darkest Hour is a special presentation from NOVA and National Geographic Television. It is written by acclaimed British screenwriter John Goldsmith and directed by John Bradshaw.

Released in 2009
Directed by John Bradshaw
Written by John Goldsmith
Starring Henry Ian Cusick, Frances O’Connor and Nigel Bennett

Darwin’s Darkest Hour Trailer

Darwin’s Darkest Hour Darwin’s Darkest Hour