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Doug Stanhope: No Refunds

Doug Stanhope: No Refunds Doug Stanhope: No Refunds

Doug Stanhope is an American comedian, actor and author. He is well-known for his black comedy, political satire, observational comedy, and cringe humor. He mostly rants about American culture, angst, current events, human sexuality, recreational drug use, religion and libertarianism. Nothing is sacred, no subject is off-limits, and Stanhope appears to be very uninhibited.

Stanhope started off his comedy career in 1990 in Las Vegas. Since then he has made appearances at several major comedy festivals. He is also remembered for his presidential campaign in 2008 as a Libertarian. Stanhope self-published a book called “Fun with Pedophiles: The Best of Baiting” in October 2006.

Stanhope always shows an intelligence and brutal honesty in his comedy. He stands out in a creative and entertaining way. He is also remembered from his announcement through his website on July 9, 2006 that he would run for president in 2008 as a Libertarian.

“No Refunds” is Doug Stanhope’s third stand-up DVD. It was recorded at the Gotham Comedy Club in New York in 2007. No refunds track listing includes topics such as “Sanitized Generation”, “Funnier Drunk”, “Drugs for a Brave New Cubicle”, “Live for Your Sins”, “Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew”, “Einstein Was an Immigrant Worker” and “Fuck the Yankees!”. The DVD features three bonus clips: deleted footage from the beginning of the show, bloopers from the DVD’s introduction, and outtakes from the show.

In addition to No Refunds, Stanhopes dvds include “Word of Mouth”, “Deadbeat Hero“, “From Across The Street” and “Oslo: Burning The Bridge To Nowhere”. He has also released CDs of his shows.

Released in 2007
Starring Doug Stanhope

Doug Stanhope: No Refunds Doug Stanhope: No Refunds