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Has Science Buried God?

Has Science Buried God?

The same two Oxford Professors who had “The God Delusion Debate” in 2007 are at it again. Professor Richard Dawkins and Professor John Lennox go head-to-head once again at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History to debate “Has Science Buried God?”.

The Oxford Museum of Natural History is the famed site of the 1860 “Evolution debate” between biologist Thomas Huxley and Samuel Wilberforce, the Bishop of Oxford. Nearly 150 years later and the debate is still as controversial as ever.

This sold-out event was full of lively, thoughtful, and entertaining dialogue on one of the most important and most interesting questions of our time. Dawkins and Lennox are yet again proving to be remarkably matched intellectuals.

Richard Dawkins is an acclaimed author, an ethologist, and an evolutionary biologist. He is regarded by many as the spokesman for the “New Atheism”. According to Dawkins, atheism is the only possible choice, and it can be deduced from scientific study. He was voted by Europe’s Prospect Magazine as one of the world’s most important intellectuals. Dawkins has written several best-sellers, the most recent being “The God Delusion”, “The Greatest Show on Earth” and “The Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True”.

John Lennox is a popular Christian apologist and scientist. Lennox, like Dawkins, has dedicated his career to science, but comes from the whole different end of the spectrum. According to Lennox, the nature of science has led him to belief in God. He has taken part in many public debates defending the Christian faith, including debates with Christopher Hitchens, Michael Shermer and Richard Dawkins. The best-known debate of his is “The God Delusion Debate” with Richard Dawkins.

Released in 2008
Starring Richard Dawkins and John Lennox

Has Science Buried God?